Code of Conduct

Hexa Code of Conduct Statement

Values we stand for at Hexa

  • Fostering an open and welcoming community knowing that each individual contributor adds unique value to the forward momentum of Hexa
  • Treating all members and contributors with dignity, kindness, and respect
  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our community and actively working to grow it through new contributors
  • Freedom from abusive and hurtful language as well as discriminatory actions and behaviors
  • A community that supports one another and is willing to stand up for others if they cannot themselves by reporting inappropriate actions to Hexa staff and CNCF
  • The ability to share open, honest, and constructive feedback without any fear of dismissive or retaliatory behaviors
  • Ensuring that all use of Hexa and the IDQL protocol are both legal and ethical while also prioritizing that users’ identity data is kept secure and private above all else
  • Having fun and genuinely enjoying building both Hexa and the IDQL protocol to improve the everyday experiences of users, developers, administrators, and the organizations they represent